Younger Boy has been feeling sick to his stomach tonight.  I am not sure if he has some sort of "bug" or if it is just nerves about the adoption and the holidays.

He didn't have any homework tonight so we sat down to watch a Christmas movie.  He loves them and so do I. 

All of a sudden he ran upstairs.  I was pretty sure he was getting sick.  He didn't come back downstairs right away and I went upstairs to check on him.  At first I couldn't find him.  I noticed that he had gotten sick in the bathroom, but tried to clean it up.  I called to him and he wasn't answering.

I finally found him under some blankets hidden in the closet crying.  I sat down on his bedroom floor and asked him what was going on.  He told me that in a former foster home he got in "big trouble" for getting sick and not cleaning it all up.  The story he told me brought me to tears.

We went back downstairs and I rocked him to sleep and hugged him.  I wanted him to know that he isn't in trouble for being sick.  Everyone gets sick.  He's a kid.  He doesn't have to worry about cleaning up.

At times like these I am reminded that we have YEARS of baggage to overcome.  There are so many times when I am caught off guard by a memory flashback that changes the tone of everything in an instant.

Prayers for healing.
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