Apparently last night I was VERY TIRED.  Younger Boy and I sat down to watch a movie he picked out.  I don't remember seeing more than about five minutes of it before I feel asleep in the family room.  At some point he turned off the basement TV and moved upstairs to the living room and changed to watching cartoons on Netflix.

I woke up at 4:05AM with a horrible charley horse in my leg.  When I could finally walk on it I went upstairs and found Younger Boy WIDE AWAKE and still watching cartoons.

I sent him to bed.  This morning we discussed that when this happens he MUST get in bed NO LATER THAN 10PM unless I have given him special permission to stay up later.  I don't think he has that much self discipline, but we'll see.

Unfortunately at the end of the week I am usually that tired.  It will probably happen again.

I am very tired this morning.  He woke up at 9AM and is not.  The kid literally needs no sleep.

Prayers for good habits regarding sleep...for both of us.
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