Today we had the family team meeting for Middle Boy.  To say that he had an attitude problem would be a VAST understatement.

With every topic of discussion when asked his opinion or how it was going all he would say was "My life sucks."

We are trying to find a place for him to go this summer.  He has to be supervised.  At this time it looks like our options are the reporting center and the YMCA teen program.  He went to the YMCA last summer and "hated it".  There is a question whether or not they will take him, because he is on probation.  When asked for his input he stated that his friend said he could go to his house for the summer.  We told him all of the steps that would have to happen for that to occur.  His friend's mom would have to be background checked and commit to never leaving them unsupervised the entire time he was there.  We told him that if this was his choice he would have to do the legwork on it.  When we wrote out the steps for him he seemed less interested.  He kept saying he would just go there anyway.  He proceeded to say that his mom never leaves, because she is an alcoholic.  What?  You think that is acceptable care for you?

I suspect he will end up at the reporting center for the summer.  Which of course in his mind is equal to being in the juvenile center.

Prayers for a better attitude regarding summer care.
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