Today when I picked up Middle Boy at the teen center they were playing a game called "The Bashing Game".  Now...this was NOT a game organized by staff, because it was free time.  I was a little saddened staff didn't stop it though.

As I understand it from Middle Boy you sit around and just put each other boundaries...the last one to get upset wins.  What?  That game is RIDICULOUS.

I told Middle Boy I thought the game was a bad idea.  I explained my reasoning as this....they were saying hurtful things.  Yes, people were laughing.  Of course they were...otherwise they would lose the game.  He said everyone chose to play and everyone was just joking.  I asked him to think about a time when someone was just joking, but still said something that hurt and he still remembers.  He immediately became quiet.

I finished the conversation telling him it is his choice whether or not he continues to play the bashing game.  He asked if I would play it.  I told him no and I wasn't even sure I would have played it at his age.  I was too worried about hurting the feelings of others.  He told me he thought it would be hard to walk away when they play it, but he thinks he is going to from now on.

Praises for being open to feedback and thinking of others.
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