Younger Boy has been completely exhausted since he got home on Friday night.  Tonight I had a meeting and Babysitter JP was at our house. 

Younger Boy was supposed to be in bed at 8:30pm.  He likes to linger until well after 10pm with multitudes of excuses/reasons why he simply CANNOT be in bed.

On my way home I called Middle Boy to see what they were doing.  It was 8:50pm.  He said "Younger Boy is watching a movie and I am listening to music."  I heard Younger Boy yell "Why didn't you lie for me?"  Middle Boy then stated that he would NEVER lie for Younger Boy.  Maybe a stretch, but whatever.
I could hear Younger Boy continuing in the background saying that he could get in bed as soon as he heard the garage door and pretend he was asleep.

He was FURIOUS with  Middle Boy since he wouldn't lie for him.

Prayers the boys would start to understand that rules are for their safety and well-being and not because I "feel like it".
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