The hearing started with a check hearing on the foster care case.  I don't know if that is typical or not.

During this time Judge D made small talk with Younger Boy.  They got caught up and he told him about football and school.  Judge D made him feel pretty special.  That judge is one amazing guy.

I'll be honest...the hearing itself if pretty anti-climatic.  My attorney mispronounced our last name multiple times.  He asked me less than 10 questions and then made his ruling.

Afterward we took pictures.  All different combinations of people.  At one point Judge D offered to take pictures so everyone else in the courtroom could be in them.

Younger Boy requested pictures with nearly everyone and in really interesting combinations.  That's's his day.

Judge D hugged me before he left the courtroom.  When he did he whispered in my ear.  "Thank you...I really mean it...thank you."  That touched my heart.

As we were leaving the courtroom we were still in the hall talking and we ran into T.  She is the one who placed Younger Boy in my home initially.  Our attorney was still there and he said "nothing happens by chance.  She was supposed to be here so things could come full circle."  Wow God...that was really cool. is to go.
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