Middle Boy saw the "closet" Grandma and Grandpa built for themselves in the basement.  In fact they have created an entire bedroom suite.

The window is covered with wrapping paper to keep the light out.  The closet consists of two hangers hung from the ceiling joists with a mop in between.

The boys asked if I had seen it.  No, I hadn't been downstairs.  They wanted me to immediately go down and look.

I explained I would go look, but that I had lived with these people for 18 years of my life.  This doesn't surprise me and I can picture it in my head.

I told them of other redneck creations over the years and they laughed.  They asked if Grandma ever thought they were crazy.  I'm not sure why they think it is Grandpa who does this stuff (it usually is). 

Praises for a good laugh for the boys.  Both of them said more than once "I love Grandpa!"
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