Last weekend a friend of Younger Boy's asked him to spend the night.  We had a lot going on so I postponed it to this weekend and possibly at our house.

When I mentioned it tonight Middle Boy informed me he was hoping to have two friends stay the weekend.  What?  That is CRAZY. 

He insisted people would feel left out if I let him have two friends spend the night and Younger Boy had a friend spend the night. 

He concluded Younger Boy could/should wait until the following weekend.

He argued there would be "so many kids" at our house...especially if we were also doing respite.

I told him I would MUCH RATHER have "so many kids" one weekend than to have guests two weekends in a row.  I also explained that if they each had ONE FRIEND it would be the same as him having TWO and Younger Boy having NONE. 

That was completely ridiculous.

As of decision about the weekend.  Middle Boy is really lobbying to get his way though.
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