In our home we have had A LOT of discussion recently about the importance of keeping your word.

This is a really difficult concept for both boys, but especially for Middle Boy.

Today when he was home sick I asked him to write the six thank you notes he needed to do from the party and to also do one assignment for his weekly therapy homework.  All in all it was less than an hour of tasks.  He assured me there was no way they wouldn't be done by the time I got home from work.  He even went as far as to tell me I didn't need to remind him.  He would take care of it.  He was giving his word.

I again reminded him that giving your word showed your character and was the equivalent of a promise.  I also reminded him that not following through with your word made a dent in the trust and takes a long time to rebuild. 

He "knows".  I don't have to keep reminding him.

When I came home from work I asked about the two things he had assured me would be completed. 

Not done.  No excuses, nothing.  Just a "nope"when I asked.

I hope he starts to understand giving his word doesn't mean much to me anymore since this is a daily occurrence.

Prayers for building trust.
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