Both boys have missing assignments in school.  Middle Boy is missing two and Younger Boy NINE.  Yes...that is NINE in the fourth week of school.  How does this happen?

I asked him to get out his backpack and locate them, because they have never been home.  I suspected that again they would not be there.

So...NINE missing assignments.  None in his bag.  Where are they?  Locker?  Maybe.  Trash?  Probably.

He is in danger of becoming academically ineligible.  His IEP holder told him yesterday.

This is SO very frustrating.
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  1. DeeDee Says:

    Denise, I swear we must be living in the same house. The other day we had the same problem with homework & tardies. It is only the 4th week of school, how can a person be missing assignments & enough tardies to have a detention?

    I know for my oldest son, if there is an assignment that he thinks is too hard, he doesn’t understand, or in a subject he doesn’t like he will not make any effort at all. Most of them end up in the trash.

    For my youngest son, he will give it 110% effort but then if he doesn’t get it, too hard, or if the page has too much toner on it (which looks like a black dot to him), he will turn it in the way it is without asking for help or trying to understand it.

    I have to check on-line daily and if there is an assignment due that isn’t complete I have to contact the teacher to see if they have not entered grades or if it is something the boys need to do.

    I have actually had to request it be in their IEP that the teacher monitors this with me. The teachers hate this they fought it most of the way, but you know what it is what is best for my child so do it!

    I will say finally after being with me for little over 4 years things are much better when it comes to school.

    Remember I walk this journey with you as your friend that is a mother of two teenage boys.


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