Tonight Middle Boy had therapy.  He came out of his session telling me that he REALLY LIKES Therapist L.  This is a 180 from what he usually says.  What was today a hypnosis session and she forgot to get him out of it?

Seriously though, he told me she agrees his team overreacted to the suicide post on Tuesday.  She told him I did exactly what I was supposed to do, but honestly from there I just sat back and watched.  She's was kind of insane.

She also told him there are members of his team that are concerned about some of his behaviors.  She told him it isn't me and it isn't her.  We both agree he is doing QUITE WELL with managing the anger and impulsivity.  He is developing coping skills.

Who on the team has concerns?  This is really irritating to me, because NO ONE has told me they have concerns.  NO ONE.  I am NOT the one who talked to Therapist L about it.  Whoever it is doesn't have regular contact with him, because the majority of the team hasn't even seen him since before school started.  What is going on?

So...tomorrow I have to do detective work and get to the bottom of it.  He is doing EVERYTHING they are asking of him.  Maybe not in a timely manner, but he is doing it.

Honestly this might make me madder than it does him.  He is used to this kind of thing happening to him.  I WILL NOT let it happen to my child.  If you do not know, do not voice your opinion.

Prayers I will have the wisdom to choose my words wisely when trying to understand what is going on.
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