Middle Boy worked on therapy homework in the car on the way home.  He had been promising me for days he would work on it and for days it hasn't happened.

I told him it was okay with me if he spend some of our day working on it.

He took this to mean that I was fine with him texting all day as well.

I told him I thought it would be a good idea if he wasn't texting while he was working on the homework and if he focused it would get done faster.

I am apparently WRONG.  Did you know you can actually get homework and therapy homework done FIVE TIMES faster and more accurately if you pick up your phone to text at least once a minute?

I asked why he refuses to try ANYTHING the way I suggest.  Apparently since I grew up in 1943 I don't know about multi-tasking.

I am done arguing about everything.  I told him to do it his way since that is what he was going to do anyway.

I didn't even mention he had gone back on his word.  It wasn't worth my words.
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