It's that kind of day.  A day when I am searching for something, someone who can relate to what I am going through.  Not only what I am going through, but with the understanding I have gained through educating myself.  Someone who is living the less than ideal, because they truly believe this is what they are supposed to do.

Friends have been pointing me to blogs of people I might be interested in.  Those blogs link me to other blogs and somewhere along the way I am learning.  Learning from experiences of others and from the therapy I go to with the boys.  Learning from the things that I read.  All the while praying others too will be able to learn.

Hoping that in some way these words I write help someone every once in a while.  Change a perspective.  Change a heart.

My friend, J, met this woman at a conference last fall.

One Thankful Mom

She is actually in town...THIS WEEK...and taking her daughter to the Attachment and Trauma Center we go to.  I am praying for her and secretly hoping maybe we will cross paths there.

Through her I saw this link.  This woman gets it.  I feel like she would "get" me.

Invisible Disability

There are so many times when I know people don't believe the behaviors I get at home.  Surely I am exaggerating and making them up.  Nope.  I'm the mama...I get the brunt of the anger.

Then there is this woman.  Truly a friend.  We met at the Trauma Parenting Class.  This woman has done something I don't know if I could have done.  She is the guardian of two teenage boys who are the children of her ex fiance.  He is in prison.  Their mamas are long gone.  They are with her.  The things which happen in her house may as well happen in mine.  She is a blessing to me.  Thank you God.

Their Boys, My Gift, God's Plan

Thank you God....for allowing me to see into the hearts of these women.  Wishing I was eloquent and well spoken.  Hoping I, too, can help someone someday.
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