There is no school tomorrow.

Middle Boy was having B and T spend the night tonight.  T has spent the night at our home before and is actually a really good kid.  B is their other friend.  He didn't get to spend the night though.  He got in some sort of trouble today at school.  B and T go to a different high school this year so Middle Boy wasn't sure what the problem was.  B's grandpa told him that if he couldn't trust him to be respectful and follow directions at school there was no way he could be trusted to do that at someone else's house.  Middle Boy understood.  What?  Understood.  If I used this same logic with him I would be the most unreasonable person on the PLANET!!

Younger Boy ended up going to stay overnight at the home of M with M and B.  I will pick him up tomorrow after work and then take T home.

I am thankful they both have at least two friends at school.  Both of them struggle socially with peers and so it makes my heart smile to know that they are connecting.

Praises for friends and relationships developing.
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