It was a little bit chaotic after school today.

I had a meeting downtown which ran late.  Younger Boy had a football game.  Luckily Mentor R was there and had agreed in advance to help us out if things got crazy.  Middle Boy was at home, but needed to be at therapy 35 minutes from home by 6PM.

I got home with about two minutes to spare.  We were on gas FUMES so we had to stop to get gas.  Of course I had the "King of the Worst Case Scenario" with me so we had to discuss all of the way to the gas station what would happen if...

We got to therapy one minute late.  She was still meeting with the client before Middle Boy so...ALL IS GOOD.

I wish I could say this was an atypical night, but it was far from it.  We are frequently scrambling to get where we need to go and have to call in back up drivers at least twice a week.

Praises for things falling into place and people with a willingness to help!
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