The parking at the game was CRAZY today.  The lot where we generally park was full two and a half hours before game time so we had to find another lot.

This threw Middle Boy for a loop.  He doesn't like change.

The lot we found was actually the same price and much closer to the stadium.  Unfortunately it was a dirt/grass lot.  Middle Boy was convinced his shoes would get dirty.  THEY ARE SHOES.  They get dirty.

All of the way there Middle Boy was texting and impeding others walking to the stadium.  I asked him four times to please quit texting and be in the moment.  He doesn't want to.  Apparently I am not talking to him anyway.

Once we got in the stadium we went our separate ways to concessions.  Honestly I needed a break.

We got up to our seats and he informed me that now he didn't have a choice but to be in the moment, because his phone didn't have signal.  He actually said "you win".  Seriously?  You think I have control over phone signals?

We ended up having a nice time during the game and afterward...with the exception of him getting mud on his shoes.

Prayers for me to be more understanding and for wisdom.  I think a lot of this is stemming from anxiety over the adoption, but wow...I wasn't expecting it to be like this.
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