When Younger Boy had the meltdown tonight I asked him to give me his cell phone and his iPod.

When he melts down he has a tendency to "hide away" with those things and not process through what is actually going on.

After 30 minutes later I got a call from my brother-in-law.  It seems Younger Boy had taken our extra cell phone from my room at some point and was using it to text my sister to tell her he was in trouble and that he needed help.  Really? 

He also chose to text his older biological sister who he is not allowed to have contact with.

When I asked him about where he got the phone he flipped out and threw it across the room. he has told my family that he is not in the wrong and I am being completely unreasonable and he has stolen a phone and then threw it.  Not his best day.

Prayers for figuring out the trigger behind this whole thing.
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