Middle Boy asked if he could talk to me.  I said yes, he can talk to me, but if he starts to yell or become verbally abusive I will leave the room.

Turns out he wanted to give me a list of everything that sucks about me and living with me. 
  1. I don't listen.
  2. I don't care about anyone except myself.
  3. I'm selfish.
  4. I expect everything yet give nothing in return.
  5. I think the world revolves around me.
  6. I think everyone around me should be perfect.
  7. I don't have any patience.
  8. I expect everything to be my way.
  9. I am unreasonable.
  10. I interrupt everyone while they talk.  So much so that it makes people hate to have conversation with me.
  11. I don't follow through on anything I say I am going to do.
  12. I don't trust anyone else.
  13. The only time I act like I care about him is when he blows up and loses it.
  14. I never give out complements.  Only criticisms.
That's all I can really remember.  I am certain there was more. 

He asked for a list of everything I hate about him.  I didn't give it to him.  Instead I gave him a list of the things I love.

That really made him mad.

Prayers I can make it through this week.  My self-esteem has really been taking a beating lately.
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