On Monday night Middle Boy told me there was going to be a problem at school today.  He had heard through a number of his friends during the evening that there was a boy who wants to fight him.

He tells me he doesn't know why.  I wonder about the validity of that statement.

I reminded him of the ramifications of fighting or being suspended.  It would include a return to the juvenile center, because of a violation of probation and then he would have to go out of state to complete treatment. 

He called me today after school to tell me that the other boy did approach him after school to fight and that it hadn't occurred, because the police officer there after school told the other boy he had enough of his nonsense that day and that he should come with him.

I suspect this moves the fight to Wednesday, because from what I could tell from Middle Boy's Facebook page this boy still intends to "kick the s*** out" of Middle Boy.

We have had a lot of discussion about what you do in this scenario.  I realize that with his background my suggestions seem absurd.

Pray for peace after school and for control of anger.
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