Tonight I called the mom of Middle Boy's homecoming date to figure out the plans.  This is a result of neither of them having ANY IDEA about what homecoming is like.

I was trying to explain to Middle Boy homecoming is semi-formal.  Surely I am wrong.

I asked about dinner.  No idea.

Asked how big their group was.  No idea.

Asked about her dress and the flower...still no idea.

So, I called C.

Now I know the plan.

She is going to make reservations for twelve at a mexican restaurant.  Not too fancy, but not a fast food place.  More comfortable for all of the kids.  Is twelve the right number?  Neither of us has any idea.  She knows about her daughter, Middle Boy, and five other girls.  I know about her daughter, Middle Boy, another boy and two other girls.  Are they the same girls?  No idea.

We talked about corsages.  She will get a wrist corsage.  Her favorite color is pink and she likes daisies.  I don't think we will get a daisy corsage.  When I asked Middle Boy if he wanted me to handle it or if he wanted to be a part of deciding he gave me a blank stare.  I am interpreting it as I need to just handle it.

They will come to our home and pick up Middle Boy.  They are only going to drive the two of them to the restaurant.  Everyone in the group is responsible for getting themselves there.  We are relying on Middle Boy and B to pass this on which may be a mistake, but we both agree we are NOT driving all over the city to get people to the restaurant.

We will do photos at our house.  My nieces will be there and I am sure they will LOVE that.  Middle Boy probably not so much, but he will just have to suck it up.

They will shuttle the entire group from the restaurant to the school in their two vehicles.  If they have to make multiple trips they will.

I am responsible for after the dance pick up of only Middle Boy and B. driving all over the city.  C said B had really wanted to have a sleepover with five or six girls, but she had vetoed the idea.

I feel better about the whole thing.  Partially because I now know the plans, but also because I liked this lady.  She has some of the same parenting thoughts I do. 

Middle Boy also wanted to invite them to the adoption party.  They will come over for that as well.

Praises for a nice family and a good chat with B's mom.
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