I got an email today reminding me Younger Boy's three monthly current events were due tomorrow.

Silly me...I asked if they were done.

First he told me the teacher had told him he only needed to do two.  Really, why would that be?

Then he told me that since we don't have a printer that works there was no way to do the assignment. 

Then he told me there was no news going on in Northern Africa or Southwest Asia (also known as the Middle East).  Does he think I live under a rock?

At that point I stopped the nonsense and told him none of us were going to youth group that night until all THREE current events were completed.  You should have seen the meltdown.

Story after story of how it wasn't in his assignment notebook.  Doesn't matter.  I have this email.

The email must have been sent to me by mistake.  Nope this is the same thing the teacher talked to us about during open house.

Surely I had the wrong day.

Finally Middle Boy lost his patience and yelled, "Just do the work.  This is ridiculous." 

This shouldn't have been a surprise.  For ONE MONTH he has known about this assignment.  In fact it is the same assignment EVERY MONTH for the whole school year.  Just different areas of the world.

Prayers for one day just accepting there is homework and doing it without all of the drama.
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