I have been praying to God...crying out help me to find some encouragement.  Some sense that I am not so all alone.

This morning I got on Facebook and literally at the top of my news feed there was a "roll call" question on one of the sites I subscribe to.

This was the question:

Roll Call Question - I'm continuously amazed...and how negative my traumatized child's outlook on life is.  (She's grousing around the house complaining about minor things.)  What is the thing that MOST amazes/frustrates you about your traumatized child's behavior, even though you understand and empathize with why they act as they do?
  1. Lying and stealing.  Our therapist told us that they would be the last things to go, if they did at all.  It just pushes my buttons.
  2. It used to be lying and stealing, but those traits appear to have lessened considerable.  But her negativity gets me down.  Nothing seems good enough for her.
  3. The lying, stealing, and negativity are sooooo draining.
  4. Her craving for anything electronic.  Was reminded this week as I read Karyn Purvis book "The Connected Child" how these kids crave this as it hypes the brain and doesn't require social interaction.
  5. The lying, stealing, fakeness, and the sense of entitlements....demanding much for littler return.
  6. The endless sense of entitlement and disrespect they feel they can dish out.
  7. The negativity and critical words are certainly draining.
  8. Complaining about everything and demanding/controlling/detailing everything.
  9. The non-stop misbehavior.  Even a good day is full of it.  So trying and frustrating.
  10. The lack of conscience...his "moral compass".  It can be so draining.
  11. The ups and downs that are constant within a day...the over the top complaining about things, but being unwilling to take suggestions or advice on anything.
  12. The thing that AMAZES me is that for everything she has been through she can still laugh, play, love, learn and have fun!  She is resilient.  She is finally safe.
  13. When they appear to be having a great time and all of a sudden it turns into a huge meltdown.
  14. When our daughter who has lived with us for TEN YEARS still does not trust that I will keep enough food in the pantry for all of us.
  15. Zinger comments and lingering food issues.
  16. Lack of cause and effect thinking and annoying noises.
  17. Lying!!
Thank you God...for these posts...on this make me feel not so all alone.

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  1. DeeDee Says:

    This is so funny because this was the last post I saw before going to bed last night. My instant thought…I am not alone…someone else walks a similar life that I do. My boys are similar to other kids with a similar life.

    This was my first day following this site & I love it, I will be following it often.

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