Once Younger Boy calmed down Middle Boy told me his school organization system isn't working.

I asked what he was using as an organization system and offered to help figure something out.  I told him we should start by emptying his backpack and figuring out what he had going on.  At least that is what I thought I asked.  He must have heard something completely different, because I thought my request was simple.  He acted like it would require a SIGNIFICANT amount of exerted energy.

Eventually he stopped complaining about how much work it would be and actually emptied the backpack.  I think it took three minutes, but I didn't say a word.

He has two days of block scheduling.  Four classes each day.  There isn't time to go to his locker, because the school is too crowded and big.  So he carries each day's notebooks all day.  Each class really needs a notebook and a folder.

He decided he wanted to buy a binder for each day and put in loose leaf paper and a folder for each class.  Great...we have all of that stuff.  Of course...not the right stuff.

He got organized...after about two hours.

I hope this works.

On a side note...Younger Boy still hasn't ACTUALLY started the current events homework.
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