Younger Boy has a lock-in for youth group tomorrow night.  He is really determined to stay up all night because last year he missed the bowling and the ice skating, because he fell asleep at both locations.

The evening starts out at the church.  It is the junior high group's largest event.  I don't know how many kids go.  I believe it is over two hundred sixth through eighth graders.  When I dropped him off last year it seemed like at least two thousand.  Perhaps it explains why I am not a middle school leader.

Since he is so determined to stay up all night he decided to shower at 7:15PM tonight when we got home from Middle Boy's therapy.  He was in bed by 7:40PM and asleep well before 8:00PM.

The lock-in gets over at 7:00AM on Saturday morning.  He will be sleeping the day away at the home of Mentor R, because Middle Boy and I are going to be gone.

I'll be curious to know how it goes.  He has been exhausted lately, because generally speaking he doesn't get enough sleep.

Prayers for a great lock-in.  Prayers for safety for all of the kiddos and adults who will be there.

Praises for an amazing event for the kids.
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