We have been needing to buy a mower for the new house and Grandpa was just the person to help us pick it out.

We went to a home supply store and looked at all of their mowers and finally settled on one.  Not too expensive.  Had the features we were looking for and all of that.

We also got a trimmer.

We came home and the boys and Grandpa put it together.  The hardest part was putting in the gas with our new gas can meant to protect the environment.  Unfortunately it also does a really good job of protecting gasoling from going into the mower.

The boys took turns doing the mowing.  Grandpa did a couple of passes through the yard as well.  I figured he would.  Mowing is one of the things he enjoys doing.

The lawn looks great.  Middle Boy insists he loves mowing so he will do it regularly.  I imagine he will love it until he has to do it regularly.

Praises for a beautiful lawn again.
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