After school today I asked Middle Boy about the bullying of Younger Boy.

He didn't get defensive or make excuses.  He got really quiet.

I asked him about every incident Younger Boy had mentioned during therapy.  He said things like "that only happened a couple of times" and "I don't do that anymore".

I asked him about the incident this morning.  His version was a little bit different than Younger Boy's, but still involved him bullying Younger Boy.

I asked if he had ever been bullied in his life (knowing full well he did at the hands of an adult) and he said yes.  I asked if ANYONE ever deserves to be bullied and he said no.

We are going to have a family meeting tonight to discuss how we are going to treat each other and how we want to be treated.

For the sake of this family I hope it goes well.

Prayers for the family meeting and for wisdom.
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