We give a girl a ride home from youth group every Wednesday night.  I used to mentor her and now she has a different mentor at church.  She is a former foster kiddo who has been adopted by her Grandma.

She had a rough, confusing day.  On the ride home I think it was the first time she really had an opportunity to talk to someone who might understand and she really let loose.

Her biological mom moved in with them today with her baby brother and three extra kids who she is taking care of while her friend is in jail.  Her mom has had four kids with the same dad, but they are "just friends" and don't intend to raise the kids together.  This girl is the oldest.

She said that the reason they had to move in was because CPS came to the apartment where they were all living and were going to take the baby away, because there was "weed" in the house.  This started a whole discussion about why each of the kids was taken away.

I just listened to them talk.  She needed to get it out.  They could sympathize.

After we dropped her off Middle Boy said "I hope that never happens to me, because her mom is causing her life to suck."

Prayers for this family and especially this girl as she works through the confusion and anger.
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