Younger Boy has really been worrying, because he is being adopted and his two brothers still do not have permanency.  He wishes they were getting adopted, too.

We have been regularly praying for it.

Last night I was talking to Mom J on the phone and she shared with me that they have decided to provide permanency for both Older Boy and Middle Brother.  They are going to become guardians, because if they were to adopt they would lose the developmental delay services they both need.

They will be able to change their last names to match Mom and Dad J and for all practical purposes to them it will look like an adoption.

Because the state has some weird laws on DD services technical Mom and Dad J's oldest son (I think he is about 30) will be their guardian.  In our state a person receiving DD services cannot live with their guardian, they must live with a separate caregiver.  In their case Mom and Dad J will be the caregivers.

Younger Boy is SO EXCITED for his brothers.  Now three of his four siblings will be with Mom and Dad J forever. 

I am so thankful for this.  We will be forever joined as a large "family".

Thank you God for the blessings of permanency!
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