Mid-quarter grades were published online today.  The rule in our home is that if you are giving it your FULL effort and doing your best then your grades are what they are.

Giving it your FULL effort includes bringing homework home to complete it and asking for help when needed.  It also includes doing homework and turning it in on time.

Contrary to what the boys (especially Middle Boy) believe I do not expect straight As.  I expect effort and care.

Missing assignments make me crazy.  The way our school system grades makes me even crazier.  If you haven't done ANYTHING the entire quarter that is okay.  There is just no grade to report.  What?  Real life doesn't work like that.  If you don't meet your responsibilities no employer is going to say "It's okay.  Just do it when it is convenient for you."  NO.

Honestly the grades thus far in the quarter are surprisingly good.  Partially due to the weird grading system which doesn't take into account incompletes.

Middle story.  One assignment out of ELEVEN turned in.  F...big fat his grade.  When I asked him about it he seemed shocked.  How can he be shocked.  Surely he knows he hasn't done anything all quarter.  Of course the teacher was immediately to blame.  Must have lost every single one of his assignments.  I wish that teacher would get their act together.  It is getting him into trouble at home for "no reason".

So...based on our agreement over the summer Middle Boy as one week to raise the F to a C or he loses his phone and iPod for the rest of the quarter.

Prayers he will "get it".
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