We have season tickets to the football games at the college I attended.

Middle Boy and I went to the game today.  Younger Boy is spending the weekend with his mentor's family.  They were all at the lock-in so they will all be sleeping today.

On the way to the game I learned something about Middle Boy.  Something I didn't know.  Something frustrating and something heartbreaking.

It is a three hour drive to the game.  We are spending the night because it is a night game.

We left home after therapy.  Middle Boy forgot to use the restroom at his therapist's office before we left town.  We got about 15 miles out of town and he needed to.  I stopped at a fast food restaurant and he REFUSED to go in.  I didn't get it.  Finally he went in and then came immediately back out.  He said there were two people in the restroom and he can't wait in line.  He told me he could wait until the next possible stop.

So...on we went to a convenience store.  He went in...another line.  I told him we could wait in the car until the line was gone, but he was TERRIFIED to do that.  So...on we drove.

The third stop there was no line and he was able to use the restroom. 

When we were back in the car and on our way I asked him to tell me about what was going on.  The only things he could tell me were that he had been embarrassed and abused in a public restroom.  He wouldn't go into details.  He said it was at the hands of a foster family.  Then he dissociated.

Now I know...another thing I need to be sympathetic toward.  Another thing we will one day need to work through in therapy.

Prayers for healing.  The more time we spend together the more I realize there is SO MUCH healing needing to be done.
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