We picked up Younger Boy at Mentor R's house.

He was quick to inform me he did in fact stay up all night...well at least until 5:30AM when they left to go home.

He had a great time.  He told us all about it.

He spent the majority of his time with one of the adult volunteers.  I worry about him, because he doesn't really know how to socialize with kiddos his own age. 

He spent a lot of time telling me about a velcro suit he wore and you run on an inflatable and throw yourself into an inflatable wall with a bullseye on it.  He got a 25.  He said 40 was the best, but he didn't see any kids get that.  Just adults.

He bowled and roller skated.  He told me he used "straight line" skates, because the four wheeled with the brake on the front are too hard to use.

He ate a hot dog and drank one cup of mountain dew, one dr. pepper, and one root beer.

These are all important details.  He showed me videos of laser tag.

I am SO THANKFUL he had a good time.  He needed a break where he could just be a kid!!

Praises for our amazing church family and for Mentor R's family for keeping him for the weekend.
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