Middle Boy's adoption is final!!

His hearing was all of three minutes long and that might be exaggerating on the long side.  I couldn't help but wonder if he was disappointed.  He has been waiting for this for TEN YEARS and that was it?

I was thrilled with the turnout.  The part I was REALLY impressed by was the men of our church showing up to support him.  There were four of those men there.  All Christian men who care about Middle Boy.  What a blessing!!

He also had the majority of the CASA office there as well as some of my friends and his case team.

He shows emotion so differently from Younger Boy, but he was definitely happy!

It feels so good to have this step be over.

Praises for all of the love and support we have.
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  1. Congratulations!!!! I will be featuring your good news on my Facebook page on Friday.

  2. Denise Says:

    Thanks Penelope! It absolutely is good news!!

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