There are a number of things we need for the new house.  We threw away a lot of things from the old house, because they needed to be thrown away...especially things like rugs.

Tonight Middle Boy and I went shopping for those things.  We bought rugs and other miscellaneous stuff. 

I kept asking Middle Boy if things matched or were the same color.  Hello...he's color blind!!

At one point I was kind of frustrated with myself, because I was having a REALLY tough time picking out rugs for my new bathroom.  I said something out loud and he said "You want it to be perfect, because you care about how things look and you don't get to do this often."  Pretty insightful for a fifteen year old boy.

He got a couple of posters for his room.  They were on sale for one dollar at the store.

I am really happy with the things we ended up with and excited to go home and get the house decluttered from the moving boxes and all the rugs put out.

I had a fantastic time shopping with Middle Boy.  It was calm and relaxed and we laughed quite a bit.  We have COMPLETELY different decorating styles.

Praises for a nice evening.  Praises for the ability to be able to buy new things.
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