Younger Boy chose the fanciest restaurant he could think of for his celebration lunch.  He picked Cheesecake Factory.

He invited Grandpa, Grandma, and Youngest Sister, her husband, and their youngest to kiddos.

It was a nice lunch.  Youngest Sister was trying to explain to her three-year old that I was now Younger Boy's mom, but I don't think he was understanding.  He was too busy calling Younger Boy "Bucky" and "Dave".  He started that a while back and remembers every time he seems him.

Their little girl, C, is 10 months old.  She kept us entertained and Younger Boy shared his lunch with her.  He even cut part of it up for her very meticulously.  She is a really pudgy little girl and they call her "the bear".

Younger Boy certainly felt special. 

Praises for family and feeling special.

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