Over the last couple of days I have been BOMBARDED by automated emails from the school district.

This is a reminder that your student has this due.

This is a reminder that your student has to do this every Friday.

This is a reminder that you student has to....

You name it. 

I have SO MANY thoughts on the absurdity of all of this.  First...when was I first "told" of these requirements.  You are reminding me of something you never told me in the first place. would be helpful to know which student.  Some of them are so cryptic I can't even figure that out.  I get that I am supposed to help participate in their education, but jeepers...these email are not helping this.

I DID email EVERY SINGLE one of the boys teachers yesterday to ask about missing assignments, work habits, and some miscellaneous things.  I have heard back from all of the high school teachers and half of the middle school teachers.  One of the middle school teachers was downright rude.  You picked the wrong person, my friend.

I was reminded of Anne's post about this same topic.

Double Message

This literally makes me crazy.  At the same time I am wondering if I can get my boss to start emailing my parents when I have a project due!!
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