Younger Boy was pretty chatty in the car all of the way to the courthouse.

When we parked in the parking garage he could hardly wait to get out of the car and almost ran through the building.

At one point I said "we need to wait for Grandpa and Grandma" and he slowed down a little bit.  Then I had to say "the adoption won't be until 11:30 so we don't need to hurry".

He was all smiles.  Youngest Sister called to ask if she was in the right place and then A and her son, L, got on the elevator with us.

As more and more people joined us in the waiting room for court his smile just continued to grow.

Our agency gave him an engraved picture frame and he kept looking at it.  He took pictures with a lot of people and we waited.

Finally the bailiff came to get us.  She hugged Younger Boy and told him she was so excited for him.

Praises for an amazing "fan club" for the adoption.  Younger Boy feels VERY LOVED and so do I.
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