This morning on the way to his psychiatric med check Younger Boy told me the events of the morning....from his side.

He told me Middle Boy had went in to wake him up and slapped him in the face.  I knew this was in fact not true, because I had been the one to wake him. 

He went on to tell me that when he didn't get out of bed right away Middle Boy came into his room and threatened him.  Again...pretty sure it didn't happen since Middle Boy was either in bed or in the bathroom throwing up, but maybe.

I asked Younger Boy if he was giving me a complete and accurate story.  He assured me he was SO since Middle Boy was home sick I called him.

I told him the tale Younger Boy had given me about the morning and asked for his version.

Shockingly the stories were vastly different.  Middle Boy's story included Younger Boy coming to his room and snapping him with his shirt.  I knew this struck a chord when Younger Boy immediately said "I didn't see it actually hit him."

Wow...this is the behavior he used to exhibit with Older Boy when they were in the same home.  He would manipulate, lie, whatever, to Older Boy and Older Boy would react and look like the "bad kid".

I told both boys that from now on when they needed to tell me about something the other was doing/had done, both boys needed to be present for the discussion.

Prayers for understanding lying about behaviors is unacceptable.
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