Shortly after our discussion I got this text from Middle Boy:

im sry tht im not the son u wnted to have
im sry I have disappointed u all the time
im mean and rude to people
im sry Younger Boy doesn't feel safe in the home
I wish I could start fresh and fix things but tht wnt happen cuz ive messed up too much
everything I say or do hurts somebody
I guess im not the son u wnt and I know I make ur life miserable
I wish I could fix wat ive dne but im in a hole no one wnts to help get me out of cuz ive hurt them all
but I really am sry
im worthless

My heart broke when I got this message.  He isn't worthless.  He hasn't hurt everyone.  He has been hurt...more than most of us will EVER experience.  He doesn't hear or see that.

Prayers for self-worth for Middle Boy.  For an understanding that he is worthy of all of the things life has to offer.
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