So...I just got another call from Middle Boy.  It was a good call.

Afterward Therapist A called to talk about my feelings about the day and also what Middle Boy's mental status seemed like to me.

I told her he had called a second time and that he apologized for not being able to call again later, but the lower level phones aren't working and there is a really long line.  Every time I tell her things like this she tells me that she is shocked.  Middle Boy is a RAD (reactive attachment disorder) kid who has never formed a bond with anyone.  She tells me there is no logical reason for this attachment, but that she believes God is all over this relationship.  Honestly I can't explain it either.  I feel it though...the relationship and the attachment.

Therapist A is a good therapist.  For me she is a good friend.  She is calling me and talking to me about this almost every day.  I have offered to pay her, because she truly is acting as our family counselor but isn't able to bill for this time.  I am thankful God put her in our lives....very thankful.  I also like that she is real with me.  We are able to talk about all of the fears I have raising someone who is likely PTSD. 

Praises for relationships that come in to our lives when we need them...completely unexpectedly, but exactly what we need.  Thank you God!
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