Younger Boy's school counselor called me this afternoon to talk about Younger Boy.  His teachers are concerned, because he is telling them that there is never time at home to do homework, because we are too busy and I don't want him to work on it.  He also told the band teacher that I wouldn't let him bring his band instrument to school.

What?  Of course his teachers think this is not truthful and had asked the counselor to talk to him.

I explained to her that we are actually home every evening after 5:30pm and that he is up until 9:00pm.  The only evening in question is Wednesdays and even then we are gone for a couple of hours.

We talked about the accountability piece.  She mentioned that Younger Boy stopped taking his band instrument the day after the band teacher told him he was doing a really good job and might be one of the best trumpet players in their band.  We also talked about him trying to "prove" he has no worth. 

She made some suggestions about homework and school that she is going to talk to him about this afternoon.  We are going to give the same message.

Prayers this will make a change in his behavior.
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