Younger Boy is home from his retreat.  He had a blast.  he talked all about it.  I think he made new friends...which he is really needing right now.

C picked him up and we had dinner at her house.  It was great to spend time talking to her and hanging out at her house.  She is such an unbelievable friend...unbelievable.

Younger Boy entertained himself by doing the elliptical machine and stationary bike in her basement.  He came upstairs in her house and he could hardly walk.  As tonight progressed it continued to get worse and now he is basically crawling around. 

He also can't stop eating.  I don't know where that is coming from.  He hardly ever eats anything.  Tonight I am not sure what all he has eaten there have been so many things.

Praises for a great retreat.  Praises for safe travels.
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