Today was our monthly meeting for Younger Boy's case.

He must have been really anxious about the meeting, because he sat through most of it with a blanket covering his head and when he wasn't doing that he was making a variety of different animal noises.  All stress related.

We talked a lot about school.  It isn't going well.  He does great on homework for a while and then it all falls apart.  It's like he doesn't want to be good at anything.

He had written me a letter last week when he was in trouble and signed it "You should hate me, Younger Boy."  We talked a lot about that.  We talked about how behaviors don't change love.  I can get frustrated, mad, sad, or even happy and it doesn't change the amount I love him.

We also talked about adoption.  We talked about whether or not he wanted to continue to wait for Middle Boy like they had agreed on or if he wanted to go ahead and do it now.  He is thinking about it.

Prayers for Younger Boy.  He is stressed out right now.  It could be a reflection of me, I'm not sure.
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