Homework is not a game.  Not a game at all.

Younger Boy treats it like a game.  I'm not sure what he wants the outcome to be.  He puts A LOT of effort into not doing it.  A whole lot of effort.

He has FOUR projects that are either due this week or already late.  Younger Boy leaves things at daycare so that the teacher knows they are in his bag and yet they don't materialize at home.  He does his homework and then doesn't actually turn it in, but instead throws it away at daycare. 

He told me tonight that if it is already past due there is no reason to do it.  In our school system you have every opportunity to turn it in until the end of the quarter.  I don't agree with it, but that is how it works.  I told him that it makes it all the more important if it was already due, because it was going to be getting in the way of the things that aren't due yet and that we are going to work on things in order.

I asked him if he knew why he does this.  I asked him if he understood that this isn't a game.  Homework is serious.  It is his first responsibility in life as a kid.  He doesn't have to worry about anything else.  I explained that the choices he is making RIGHT NOW are going to follow him for a very long time and so he is at a crossroads.  It is his responsibility to choose.

I HATE having this discussion with him OVER and OVER.  There are no consequences or rewards that get through to him on this topic.  In many ways I feel like I am beating my head on a wall.

Prayers that he would understand the importance of education.

Prayers that I would have patience while he is figuring that out.
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