I can't pinpoint exactly why, but tonight when I was done talking to Middle Boy on the phone for the fourth and final time of the day I cried.

He had to get off the phone early...only three minutes...but when each call is a maximum of fifteen minutes three minutes are precious.  Was it that? 

Is it the unknown of what is going to happen?  Is it because I don't even know IF he is coming back to my house and so I can't possibly even know when?

What is going to happen if he doesn't?  What will happen to this kid?  Therapist A told me that while he has not appeared to bond with anyone since his biological mother he has DEFINITELY bonded with me.  Her professional opinion is that it WILL NOT happen with a caregiver again.

Wow...God....a friend just sent me a text and it said:

I read this verse this morning and it made me think of you and Middle Boy "I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me, and heard my cry." - Psalm 40:1

I needed to hear that.

Prayers for peace for both of us.

Praises for the relationship we have and how God is in control.
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