Tonight Younger Boy expressed his displeasure at being an only child.  His logic is that if things get broken or happen in our house he is going to get blamed and he doesn't like it.

Let's take for instance the fact that someone went in the garage in the middle of the night last night and left the light on and the door to the house open.  I know it wasn't me.  For some reason I assumed it was Younger Boy.  Apparently that is frustrating to him.

He wrote a letter to Middle Boy tonight that said, "Please come home soon.  Being an only child stinks."  He signed it "I'm prying for you."  I think he meant praying, but I might be wrong.

Younger Boy actually seems to be adjusting fairly well.  Tonight he was so bored he sat and read a book FOR AN HOUR. 

Prayers for Younger Boy.  He is not used to having undivided attention from anyone and it is taking some adjusting.
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