I went to visit Middle Boy today.  He had a visit from Service Coordinator this morning.  They must have had a good discussion, because he had a lot of questions for her and subsequently for me.

They must have discussed the likelihood of him being home on the day of arraignment, because he drilled me with questions.  It was a tough conversation.  We had to talk about what we hoped and what might be real if we removed all of our hopes from the equation.  We had to talk about the possibility of him not being home for Christmas.  We had to talk about how this is the point where we figure out what we're made of and whether or not we can get through anything together.

At one point during the discussion he started to shut down.  I was proud of him though, because he kept talking through his tears.  This is a major break through for us.  It isn't easy for us.  Imagine having to have a tough conversation as a kid with someone you truly just met ten weeks ago.  Not easy for me...can't be easy for him.

I told him I am proud of him.  I told him he can't give up on himself and that whatever comes his way we are in this together.

Praises for being able to talk about the tough stuff. 
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