Middle Boy can call me once a day right now for free and additionally at $2.00 per call.  He called yesterday afternoon to talk.  At the end of the conversation he said "I hate to ask you this, but would you pay for another call each day?"  I told him to call me 10 times a day if he wants to talk 10 times a day.  I will pay for each and every call.  It's worth it to continue to get him to trust me and to continue to build our relationship.

We had a good discussion.  He seemed upbeat for the most part.  He said that the best part of his day right now is calling me and the optional Bible study he can go to every morning.  He cried when he told me he just wants to come home.

I told him I was writing him letters every day.  He said he had written two to me so far and he hoped I would get them soon.  That is the maximum he can send. 

Therapist A had originally told me that I should not expect him to call and write, because he might not yet understand how to be in a family.  He might not get that I love him and won't leave.  I actually asked her if it would be too much for him if I wrote every day and he called every day.  She didn't think so.

Praises for the ability to still be able to communicate with him.

Prayers we will continue to be able to develop our relationship through these calls and letters and more importantly that he will be able to come home soon.
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