Middle Boy called earlier today.  I'll be honest...I was expecting the worst.

I was wrong.

Middle Boy called to tell me that he didn't really think he was going to get to come home today so he wasn't disappointed.  He also wanted me to know that he was off of suicide watch.  Then he said, "Mom...I wanted to call earlier, but this is the first chance I got.  I know you are sad and worried.  This is going to be okay." 

It totally changed my perspective.  Completely changed.  Yes, I am sad.  Yes, I am worried.  I am proud of him for not being discouraged.

We still have no idea when he is coming home.  He knows that now.  He likes his attorney.  Middle Boy isn't necessarily one of those people who will talk to just anyone so I may leave well enough alone.  If he feels like he can talk to Attorney maybe I shouldn't interfere.

He made me promise to continue to visit on Wednesday and Sunday.  Like I would miss!!

Praises for uplifted spirits and changed perspective.

Prayers for continued relationship building!!
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