Today's visit with Middle Boy was CROWDED.  It is usually crowded on the Sunday visiting day and really sparse on Wednesday.

Usually we play cards while we talk.  Today we just talked.  It was a good conversation.  We talked about the possible outcomes for his detention review.  Obviously they would be leave the juvenile center or not leave the juvenile center.  It is a lot more complicated than that though.  If I was the biological parent or the adoptive parent leaving would most likely mean coming back to my home.  Because I am not either of those leaving could mean a whole lot of things.  We talked about those.  I believe that he will be coming home, but am trying to mentally prepare both of us in the event that doesn't happen for a while.  There may be a group home stay in between.  It is so hard to say.

Pray the right thing happens for Middle Boy.  Pray we are both emotionally strong during the next few weeks and pray that our relationship and trust level continues to grow.
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