There is a BIG team meeting on Middle Boy's case.  It includes me, Guardian ad Litem, CASA, Therapist A, Service Coordinator and Adoption Placement Worker.  We are going to flesh out a plan in the event that it is possible for Middle Boy to come home.

I was irritated with Service Coordinator yesterday when she told me she might not have time to have the meeting in the next two weeks, because she has a lot to do before her vacation.  Probably not what she should have said.

Adoption Placement Worker set up the meeting.  Everyone is concerned that with each passing day Middle Boy is getting further and further from us.  We all acknowledge that the charges against him aren't good, but we also know that there were mitigating circumstances.

Pray that a plan can be developed which is agreeable to Judge T.  The reality of the situation is that I am not a "family home" for Middle Boy and though I plan to adopt I currently have no relationship to the case so he could end up somewhere else until his trial.  That is frustrating, but it will likely go on the recommendations of the juvenile case review board.

Pray what is best for Middle Boy is done.  If it is not my home, pray that I can be accepting of that.
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